Barcelona- Top 10 Attractions you have to visit!

Everyone who met me know how much I love Barcelona. It is one of my favorite cities in the whole world. It is the city that has it all. Beautiful architecture, great people, museums, night life and beach. Is there something more you can ask for?
I am literally planning to live there at some point of my life.

Here are the top ten things you have to see when in Barcelona.

1.  La Sagrada Familia.
You must live under the rock if you haven’t heard about Sagrada Familia. This is architectural wonder designed by great Antonio Gaudi. All catholic cathedrals are beautiful, but they are all similar one to another. Somehow when you see one, you know what to except with the next one.
However this is not the case with this astonishing building. It is something you can not even imagine. It literally leaves you breathless.

La Sagrada Familia

Gaudi found inspiration in the nature. Columns are like trees, while connecting they create woods. He wanted to create shelter which invites you to a prayer.


Interior of La  Sagrada Familia

Interior was finished in 2010, but the whole project will be done in 2026. and I promised myself I will be in the first rows for the grand opening. 😀
Once it’s done it will be the highest religious building in the Europe with stunning 172 m.
Interesting fact is that building of La Sagrada Familia takes longer than it took bulding the Great Pyramid. 🙂

2.Park Güell
Another master piece of Antonio Gaudi. This Park has two areas. Bigger area is free and mainly it is beautiful nature with stones ment to walking while waiting for the entrance into the main area of the park. Main are has stunning platform with a great view on the city and two adorable houses which you can see on the photo below. At the moment of my visit entrance was 5e.

Park Güell

3. Plaça d’Espanya
Biggest and most beautiful square with Magical Fountain in the middle and National Museum on the top. There is a great view on the whole square from the gallery in front of the museum. The only disturbing thing about this square is that once it was used for public hanging.

Plaça d’Espanya

Magic Fountain and  Plaça d’Espanya from National Museum gallery
National Museum from the other side

4.Olympic Stadium
If you continue up the hill you will discover Barcelona Olympic Stadium from 1992 in amazing shape. I am saying this because most of the stadium after the Olympic games are like ghost towns and this one kept his old glory.

Olympic Stadium from 1992.

5.Montjuïc Castle
This castle is located on the Montjuïc Hill, highest hill in Barcelona.
From the top of the hill,  there is a fantastic view on the city. If you read my previous blog and you’re reading this one, you probably realised that I am talking a lot about the views.
I am a bit obsessed with great views. I am always climbing up the hills and tallest buildings in every city and I am always in a search for a mesmerizing views.
Like Plaça d’Espanya this castle has dark secret as well.For three centuries it served as a prison and tortute centre. Later in the 20th century, it became the Military museum.

montjuic-castle-entranceReally nice thing is that from the top of the hill there is a gondola that can take you all the way down.

 6. Gothic quarter
This area got his name because it was a Roman village. It’s Narrow streets will lead you to a several squares where you can sit and relax, or enjoy drink in its many caffes. Once you get into the main square you will notice stunning cathedral called  Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia.

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It is also a great area for shopping since you will find a lot of different stores. From local to many well-known brands.
During the night there is a lot of bars and while walking around you will come across locals drinking and dancing in this area, which is super fun.
I personally liked exploring this area late at night cause it gives me really interesting vibe.

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7.Parc de la Ciutadella

The Parc de la Ciutadella is very idyllic and probably the greenest oasis in the megacity of Barcelona. It invites you to relax, to rebound and to go for long walks, as well as for a picnic. You can also use a rowing boat on the lake.

On the grounds of the Parc de la Ciutadella, there are several attractions: the zoo, the Catalan Parliament. The Museum d’Art Modern is situated in the building of the parliament. The Zoological Museum and the Museu de Geologia are placed in the area of the park.

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8.Casa Milla and Cassa Batllo
Another two great buildings designed by no other than Antonio Gaudi. It is worth it, to see them not just from the outside but from the inside as well.

9. La Rambla
Take a walk down the main street of Barcelona. This street connects  Plaça de Catalunya in the centre with the Christopher Columbus Monument at Porto Vell.
Perfect street for those who are into a lot of shopping. Also famous La Boqueria market is in this street as well, so you can enjoy colorful and delicious fruits and vegetables and much more.boqueria-barcelona-1024x640.jpg

10. La Barceloneta
Perfect sandy beach with a lot of night clubs, restaurants.  Grab a drink, go for a swim or just catch a litlle bit of suntan. Do not be surprised if you see a lot of “mother suits”, since one area is meant for nudist :). I am personally all for the freedom, but my fashionista side had to show my new swim shorts.
However won’t be posting that here, since it is not relevant 😉IMG_4609.JPG

11. Extra tip
I personally did not have enough time to see possibly the best view of the city.
It is Tibidabo mountain, one of the tallest in this region. On top if there is beautiful church and Amusement park, but the view is something to remember.
Anyway I was in the bottom of the mountain, literally choosing eighter I am gonna get on top of it or I am going to catch my plane back home.
I was not that adventurous at that moment so I choose to catch that flight, but hey there is always next time.

This are my top 10 choices, however Barcelona offers so much more.  Picasso Museum, Camp Nou and Museum about the club,Plaça de Catalunya, Cristopher Columbus monument, Avinguda Diagonal and so on …

PS. Sorry for the quality of some of the photos.
I visited Barcelona few years ago and at the time this was the good quality, but technology has advanced since then. 😀

Talk to you soon,