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Hello Guys,

I am back after a while with a different type of blog.
This time we are going to take a look at my fashionista side. 🙂
Recently I did a photoshoot, collaborating with three different brands and discovered possibly my new favorite style.

This just shows how simplicity and elegance never really get old and outdated.
I hope you will like it, as much as I did.

1. Black and Red

I think it is well known how stunning black and red combination can turn out.
If you choose this two colors, be smart and do not put to much of accessorize on your self since red will take care for that wow effect.

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From the details I choose Suspenders,wooden bow tie and wooden sunglasses.
I think that materials such as wood give something extra to every look.
You will see more types of suspenders and bowties from this brand @bowtiewoodenstyle, which I honestly adore. You can find them on instagram and facebook and they deliver worldwide.

Suit and shoes from first and second combination are from Fair Play Suit  store in Belgrade. They offer so many things for a real gentleman.

2. Old timer is always a plus 😀 …

In this look you can see one of the symbols of elegance. White shirt of course in combination with dark blue suit and brown shoes.


DSC_6935 (2)

As an addition to this look I choose suspenders, bowtie and Daniel Wellington which is also a synonym for simplicity and elegance.

I think it looks really classy, what do you think? 🙂


3. Colorful works as well, if you combine smart and carefully. 🙂

Advertised brand in this photo is @Gagliardi1964 @gagliardisrbija and since they come from Malta they really have Mediterranean, colorful, fresh and modern design for a 21st century gentleman.
I fell in love with those yellow pants, and you can see a bag which is a must for
every businessman.

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Talking about being busy, then what about this photo here. 
Multitasking at its finest. 😀
And those orange pants are giving me life in combination with brown bag and shoes , again by Gagliardi.  


4.  At the end let us just zoom in to some of my accessorize , and if you are interested in seeing more photos be sure to follow me on instagram @thestefanization … 


All photos taken by @suncica_z

In next blog I will be back on the track and give you reasons why you should visit Vienna.

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Personal blog

Collaborations :)

Hi everyone,
I decided to list some of my favorite collaborations here as well, since as I said before, I am not only traveller , but a fashionista as well … 🙂

1. Daniel Wellington

First on the list is my favorite watch company Daniel Wellington. Based in Sweden, with special took on simplicity and elegance, these watches are truly eye-catchers. At the moment of writing you can actually get 15% off with my promo code “stefantime” …
DW and me had collaboration two times, and below you can see some of the photos I made in terms of promoting this brand.

DSC_1910-1 (1).jpg

2. Arthotel ANA Amadeus

This wonderful collaboration happened while I visited Vienna in January.
Luxury 4* Hotel is located in city center literally just few steps away from St. Stephen Cathedral. I got biggest room on the last floor with amazing balcony and view.
Lovely staff took best care of me, providing me lots of bubbly and making sure my birthday was flawless. 😀
I truly recommend staying at this hotel, if you ever visit Vienna.
It is the best choice for sure.




Living room
Self promotion lol


3. Wooden Bow Ties  and Suspenders 

One of my recent collaborations , but really close to my heart is advertisement of most creative, beautiful bow ties and suspenders ever. Hand Made by entrepreneur Nemanja Stojanovic from Serbia, in all possible colors, shape and sizes. To describe them in one word I would say stunning.



4. Gagliardi Serbia 

To describe this collaboration I am just gonna say I became classy gentleman , at least for a day. Elegant, beautiful, Colorful suits and shoes really suited me well. I think I am going to dress more this way in the future. 🙂

5. Museum of Illusions

Museum of  Illusion finally arrived at Belgrade and I had an honor to be invited at the opening. Omg I had so much fun. That day I was a little kid having a blast.
So I would say this is great fun for all ages …

This is a new take on my website. So if you would like to read more about my collaborations and fashion fell free to comment and tell me to write more about this topic.